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Accessing MXAE Templates using WebDAV

MXAE provides a WebDAV interface for developer to access its template files just as though they are local files. All you need is a WebDAV client that supports mapping the connection as a local drive. The benefit of using this WebDAV connection is that it allows the developer to use its favorite Integrated Development Editor or IDE to edit and mange the template source codes.

On Microsoft Windows, we recommend using a free tool called NetDrive by MacroData Inc which can be downloaded at http://www.netdrive.net/download.html

Once you have downloaded and installed the tools, you can follow these steps to established a WebDAV connection with MXAE.

Step 1: Launch NetDrive

Step 2: Create New Site

Step 3: Enter Information for the New Site

Site IP or URL*: <Enter the MXAE AMS URL for your website, eg. http://ams.somewebsite.com/index.php>
Port: <Usually is port 80, unless your AMS is accessed via HTTPS which you should specify 443 then>
Server Type: WebDAV
Drive: <Specify the drive letter that has not been used>
Account: <Specify the username you used to access the AMS, eg. siteadmin@somewebsite.com>
Password: <Specify the corresponding password for the above username you used to access the AMS>

* NOTE: If you are using HTTPS connection, you need to make sure  "Use HTTPS" is checked under "Advanced" options.

Step 4: Click on "Connect" button once you have keyed all the information correctly.

Step 5: An explorer window should pop up showing you the newly mapped drive.

From here on you can create, edit and delete the template files like you would if the files were local.

Alternative commercial tool that has proven to work is WebDrive.

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