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Overview of MXAE 2.0 AMS features

With our latest iteration of MXAE, the 2.x version of our application management system (AMS) has been fully enhanced to take advantage of the latest technology so that our users can experience a completely new level of personalisation helping them to get their work done even faster and more efficiently.  This article will briefly summarise some of these features.

Personal Favourites
The new GUI now provides a personalised ‘shortcuts’ for users to easily get to their most frequently used content.  On the content tab (Under the website name tab), there is a new node called "Favourite Shortcuts" assigned with the  icon.  A user can easily drag a channel or even a program from the tree itself or from the left pane list view onto the shortcut.  Once this is done, your next login to check a program will be as simple as a single click on the favourite shortcut item to go into a program!  What’s more, these shortcuts are personalised so that you do not have to share these items with others.  You just login using your username and everything will be where you left it.

Customisable columns for all list views
This new version of AMS also empower the users by providing a very customisable yet flexible method of viewing the list grid contents.  First of all, the new list grid have done away from the old style paging of data.  In place of the old style paging method is a new scrolling system allow the user to access any part of the data just by dragging the scroll bar situated on the left side.  Sorting can also be easily achieved by clicking on the column header.  Quick filtering can also be done with the  icon.  For more advanced manipulation, the list grid columns can be moved and repositioned to help the user visualise their information more effectively.  Right clicking on the grid column header will even pop up a menu for you to show or hide different columns of data.  Again, these settings are personalised which means the next time you log into AMS again, the system would have remembered how you like your grid displayed and provide it just right for you.


Personalise your language
Along with the new found flexibility provided, now AMS also allows you to customise the language you want to interact with AMS on !  In our previous product version, multi-lingual ability is a per website setting.  That didn't work very well since language setting directly affect the user's ability to use the system.  A person who does not understand that language would instantly become unproductive.  With this new version however, users can determine and set their own preferred language when interacting with AMS.  To access this setting, simply go over to the "My Account" tab and select "Profile" item.  A dialog box will pop up and the last item is the ability change your viewing language.  We provide multiple languages that you can even add to.  This will help in cases where a content editor is working with a different language and therefore would be more comfortable to have everything in that language instead of viewing the user interface in one language and typing or editing articles in another.

Quickly access fieldset information for implementors
While we have been concentrating on providing easier content entry, we have not forgotten the coders or implementors of the MXAE system.  In fact we have been working hard to get some extras for the valued programmers.  One of these is the ability to quickly access fieldsets information through the content tree with a right click context menu.  Users can now easily access information for their tasks much faster by using the right click context menu on the content tree.  This allows user to do instant editing or data or viewing fieldsets summary without actually navigating over to the listing.

Syntax coloring multi-tabbed editor for templates
Another significant feature that was added to MXAE is the new syntax highlighted code editor that supports multiple tabs so that you can edit sets of templates all at once.  To access this feature, go to the "Web Layout" tab and select on the "Template" item.  You can then right click on any list item and choose "Send to code editor".  The syntax highlighting supports HTML, PHP as well as our MXAE TSL format.  Play with it and see how easy working with MXAE has become !

This list of new features are by no means exhausive.  It is just meant to whet your appetite and motivate you to take the plunge and explore the full extent of AMS on your own.  A good starting point has been listed here and the additional tip is to to treat this new interface like a desktop application.  Right click anywhere and there should be some functions to help you do things a little faster.  There's also a lot of drag and drop operations too that can be done on the content tree as well as the grid.  One such example is ranking of channels and programs is now purely by drag and drop !  No messy rearrangements with arrow keys !  

Keep exploring and we am sure you will find lots of treasure with this new version.

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