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An Option to Travel Light with MXAE

This article suites your lifestyle, if you:-
• Like to travel with less baggage
• Work on different computer platforms.
• Need to find and fix web codes quickly
• Maintain complex website contents
• Work at anytime, anywhere, anyhow

Imagine yourself anywhere on this world - while on vacation! However, someone contacted you, needing badly you for an important "quick" fix for your web portal. No laptop, no hand phone, not even your favorite code editor installers in your external hard drive. Just step into the any of the cybercafés in Phuket or Bali or anywhere in a far, far, far away land. By using a web based content editor; you manage to save the day. According to www.cybercafes.com, there are more than 4000 internet cafes in 141 countries. You can never be short of computers.

Another way to deduct 1 to 2 kilograms
from your luggage
Image Source: www.sxc.hu
Finding a way to adjust your vacation style
by leaving your laptop at home

Image Source: www.sxc.hu

Web Based Everything?

Life is simple and fun if we “web-based” everything. Just Facebooking or Twittering your social life and by that you ‘manage’ relationships. Even business applications can be web-based and ‘manage’ business contents.
There are many web content management systems (WCMS) available from the Internet. The programing and databases language are many, thus the WCMS products created are plenty. One of the common combinations is the “PHP and MySQL” family that one can try from the internet, including the free tools: Joomla and Drupal.
Some are free but installation must be done after one has downloaded the application. To skip this installation and to try out is to find any of the WCMS hosting available. One of the sophisticated WCMS tools you can try is MXAE. What you need to is to request the login credentials from them at http://www.digialliance.com

Crossing Boundaries

Travel with the same currency, Euro, in different countries in Europe is simple. Likewise, to fix any web codes, from one office to another organization of another country, couldn’t be easier.

The beauty of MXAE function that i have known is the ability to seek code in its web based console even you are using different kind of operating systems and different kind of browsers. One can open IE6 on Windows based Operating System (OS) or in Firefox on Linux OS based or Mac OS.

Do you need to work on different platforms, occasionally?
Image Source: www.sxc.hu

Cross platforms, cross browsers, cross applications, cross countries, cross whatever you can, while having your yearly vacation. What you need are just your quick fingers and the appropriate tools.
In MXAE, there are tools where you need to search and edit some text and fix it in no time. When searching for content typos, from simple to complex code errors, corrective maintenance for legacy codes couldn’t be easier with MXAE.

Code Search

Code Search is one of the most important functions for code troubleshooting processes. The ability to seek whatever you want to fix, this is a core thing. It is a must have. This web based application is user friendly, no need to "tail" on Linux, or to install any code editors, just simply type what you are looking for in less than 5 seconds.

Software Engineers spend hours in finding codes to be fixed.
Image Source: www.sxc.hu
When come to search code and content, MXAE2 is in its own first class. Forget about other popular WCMS. This sophisticated, cutting edge WCMS will help code maintainers find content or code to be fixed, fast.

Advanced Find

I recall that by clicking a small binocular icon pops up a small window to allow users select the advanced find criteria. Code maintainers like me can find the code for all available files of your web based applications. A friend of mine, Nurhaliza, asked me where "getReservation" function resides. Here is the simple MXAE way:
1. Select the particular files or folders ( if needed, else skip this step)
2. Click at the binocular icon
3. Enter the search criteria
4. Click Find button

Source Code Editor

No code editor installation needed while you are in a foreign country cybercafé. What you need is just the web based code editor.
The magic wand  has the ability to open the file and let you to edit and save quickly. It is intuitive and easy to use. It has the undo, redo, show line numbers and refresh functions. There are many other MXAE functions, but these two: advanced find and source code editor; have done so much in the eyes of for software engineers on the move.


As a conclusion, one does not have to bring a laptop while traveling. A web based CMS like MXAE is able to let you break that infinite loop of “really" urgent fix, anywhere. MXAE is a commercial web based CMS. However the sophisticated “find & fix” tool and cross platform capability outperforms others in its WCMS class.
Travel light. Leave your laptop at home. Your spouse will give a good facial impression of you not having laptop carried and scanned at the airport.

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