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MXAE 2.7.0 Released

We would like to announce the immediate availability of MXAE 2.7.0. This release focuses on improving the stability and security of the MXAE 2.x branch with many bug fixes, some of which are security related. All users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

Some of the notable changes:
• Enhanced Audit Trail to be more descriptive and informative
• Added callback hook to member object
• Added support for Google Search Appliance 6 (GSA) as MXAE search engine replacement
• Added support for NDB table type in MySQL Cluster setup
• Article "Published Date" can now be edited/changed if the program does not require scheduling
• Fixed Page Accelerator Turbo Caching issue when using Memcached
• Upgraded bundled applications:
  - Apache 2.2.16
  - MySQL 5.1.50
  - PHP 5.2.14

For a full list of changes in MXAE 2.7.0, see the Change Log and Release Notes.

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