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MXAE Server - Changing IP(s)

Since MXAE version 1.6.5, MXAE comes bundled with a script to assist our customers to change MXAE settings in the event there is a change in server's IP.

The script is available at /usr/local/mxae/apache2/htdocs/mxlib/resource/bin/changeip.php. The script info is as follows:

MX Application Engine Change IP Utility Script (Version 1.0)
Usage : /usr/local/mxae/apache2/htdocs/mxlib/resource/bin/changeip.php [-options value]
Options :
-u <mysql username>
-p <mysql password>
-P <mysql port>
-h <mysql host>
-fip <change from IP>
-tip <change IP to>
-lk <file path to the license key file that reflects the new IP>

Sample usage:
/usr/local/mxae/bin/php -q /usr/local/mxae/apache2/htdocs/mxlib/resource/bin/changeip.php -u root -h -P 3306 -fip -tip -lk /home/siteadm/MXAEDevelopmentServer.dat

Just run this script on all the affected servers where they are affected by the IP change, i.e. run this script on all the Publishers, AMS and Database servers. When there are more than one IP change involved, just run the above script as many times. For example if there are 3 servers involved with IP changes, just run the script 3 times on each of the 3 servers.

Script to be run on each server:

/usr/local/mxae/bin/php -q /usr/local/mxae/apache2/htdocs/mxlib/resource/bin/changeip.php -u root -h mysql_server_ip -P 3306 -fip server_A_old_ip -tip server_A_new_ip -lk /home/siteadm/new_license_key.dat
/usr/local/mxae/bin/php -q /usr/local/mxae/apache2/htdocs/mxlib/resource/bin/changeip.php -u root -h mysql_server_ip -P 3306 -fip server_B_old_ip -tip server_B_new_ip -lk /home/siteadm/new_license_key.dat
/usr/local/mxae/bin/php -q /usr/local/mxae/apache2/htdocs/mxlib/resource/bin/changeip.php -u root -h mysql_server_ip -P 3306 -fip server_C_old_ip -tip server_C_new_ip -lk /home/siteadm/new_license_key.dat

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